Arami Group is one of the top suppliers of hot-rolled coils in the Middle East and Africa. We supply hot-rolled coil (HRC) with thickness of 1.20 mm ~ 25.00 mm IS 2062, IS 1079, IS 10748, IS 5986 & Equivalent International Standards
for a wide range of applications — including producing of hot rolled steel bars that are used in the welding and construction trades to make railroad tracks and I-beams. Our commitment to customer service assures responsive and knowledgeable assistance when you need it. Arami Group Team has the expertise and experience to help you meet today’s tough challenges with groundbreaking innovation for your business needs.

What you need to know

Hot-rolled coils (HRC) are a type of sheet product resembling a wound steel strip and are produced at hot-rolling mills. The main difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel is one of process. “Hot rolling” refers to processing done with heat. “Cold rolling” refers to processes done at or near room temperature.


What Are the Different Types of Hot-Rolled Coil (HRC)

Product TypeMild Steel
Product Thickness(MM)1.20 mm ~ 25.00 mm
Product Width(MM)1219mm ~ 2000 mm
Product GradeST 37.2 / SPHC / S235JR / or Equivalent Grades.

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